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Things to do in Salento Colombia

If you are planning a trip to Colombia, Salento is a small town in the mountains that needs to be part of your itinerary. This magical place is nestled in the lush, green mountains of the Quindio department of Colombia and home to less than 10,000 people. The tranquil environment and breathtaking scenery make it like no place else on earth and a must see destination for travelers. If you find yourself in this amazing little town, here’s a list of things to do in Salento, Colombia.

Valle de Cocora Dr Suess Lorax

Visit Valle de Cocora

If you’ve ever read or seen the movie ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Suess, then this is the easiest way to describe what the Valle de Corcora looks like. It is made up of a surreal lanscape of Quindio Wax Palm trees, which is the National tree of Colombia. What makes these trees so special is that they are the largest palms in the world and can grow to a height of 200ft. The palms are scattered about a vivid, green lanscape that almost looks like it could be from another planet. The Valle de Corcora is a short drive (or long bike ride) from Salento and there are old-fashioned Willy jeeps that take travelers to the valley multiple times throughout the day. Once you arrive at the entrance to the park there are a variety of hiking trails available to explore the area or you can rent a horse. Click here for more detailed information on Valle de Cocora.

Ride a Horse

There’s no more authentic, rural South American experience than riding a horse. Also, Salento very much feels like an old cowboy town, in fact it’s the only town where I’ve ever seen a man ride up to a bar on a horse and order a shot! From Valle de Cocora to a number of different trails surrounding Salento, there is no shortage of beautiful places to ride a horse. You need to ride a horse at least once during your time in South America and it would be tough to find a more beautiful place than Salento! Click here for more information on horseback in Salento.

Mountain Biking Salento ColombiaGo Mountain Biking

For those looking for a bit more intense thrill combining both speed and a beautiful landscape, another one of the best things to do in Salento, Colombia is go mountain biking. There are many different mountain trails of varying length and difficutly that surround Salento. You can also rent a bike to travel to Valle de Cocora and almost any jeep will bring you and your bike back (the return route is very strenuous). For more information on Mountain Biking in Salento click here.

Tour a Coffee Plantation

When you are in Salento, you are in Colombian coffee country. There are a wide range of coffee plantations large and small that all produce a delcious cup of joe in the area. Many of these plantations offer tours in Spanish and English, and will give you a solid understanding of how coffee is created and some information about the industry in Colombia. For recommendations on coffee tours please click here.

Tejo Salento ColombiaPlay Tejo

Tejo is an awesome, local drinking sport where players throw small weights into pits of clay with the objective of exploding a small pouch of gunpowder. In Salento there is a fun, little bar just off the main square where you can play tejo with your friends or try and get some tips from the local experts. This is one of the more cultural things to do in Salento and a great way to spend an afternoon. Click here for more information about Tejo.

Stay on an Eco-Farm

As soon as you arrive in Salento you will feel a sense of calmness and tranquility, especially if you are coming from one of the big cities in Colombia. Sleeping well, eating good food and relaxing should all be a part of any trip to Salento, and what better place to do so than an eco-farm surrounded by nature. La Serrana is a hostel and eco-farm just a short walk from Salento, offering a peaceful place to hang out and delicious food made from local ingredients. For more information about staying at La Serrana click here.


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