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Arriving in Salento

From Armenia
Getting to La Serrana is as easy as having a second cup of coffee! Buses to Salento leave the Armenia bus terminal every 20 minutes, until 8:30 pm. The trip will take around 45 minutes.
The Armenia International Airport is 60 minutes from Salento by car. Taxi services are available to Salento for approximately 85,000 COP, or you can take a bus to the main terminal in Armenia and then catch another to Salento. If you know when you are arriving, we can arrange private transport directly to La Serrana from Armenia airport for 95,000 COP for up to 4 people and 4.000 pp extra up to 8.
VERY IMPORTANT – If you arrive in Armenia after 8:30pm you will most likely miss the last bus to Salento. You can either take a taxi from Armenia which will cost about 80,000 to 90,000 COP, or alternatively take a bus to Circasia for 3,000 COP. From there, ask your driver where you can take a taxi into Salento or La Serrana, which will cost around 25,000 COP.

From Pereira
Buses leave from the Pereira terminal to Salento at 6:50am, 1:30pm and 4:30pm. On weekends and holidays, buses leave at 6:50am, 7:30am, then every hour until 5:30pm. The journey time is just over an hour. If you know when you are arriving, we can also arrange transport directly to La Serrana from Pereira’s airport for 145,000 COP up to 4 people plus 4.000 COP pp up to 8.

From Salento
When you arrive in Salento, ask one of the many jeeps in the main plaza to take you to La Serrana. The jeeps in Salento are the only taxis and charge 6,000COP each way to La Serrana. If you do not find a jeep call us on (316) 296-1890 and we will help you track one down.


If you choose to walk and enjoy the surrounding area, it will take you around twenty minutes. From the main plaza, walk down the hill towards the fire station and turn left over the yellow pedestrian bridge. Continue straight along the road, past the cemetery. From there you can follow our signs along the country road. If in doubt just ask any of the friendly Salento locals for directions to La Serrana, they know us!


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