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Coffee Plantation Tours

Coffee Plantation Tours

There are several fincas in the area that offer coffee tours. For a short introduction, we recommend Don Elias, which is a small family-run organic plantation located approximately 4kms past La Serrana. Tours can be taken at any time of the day without prior arrangement, cost 6,000 COP per person and generally last 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be shown around the farm by Don Elias himself, who will explain and demonstrate the process of growing and roasting coffee. At the end of the tour, you will be invited to taste a cup of their delicious freshly roasted coffee. Note that the tours are conducted in Spanish, but a basic understanding of the language will get you by. If you would like a tour in English then please speak to our staff who can advise you of what may be available.

Looking for a real treat…If you have more of an interest in organic coffee and food cultivation, then the Coffee Reserve Sacha Mama is a very special place where you can enjoy organic coffee while learning about organic coffee production and the Slow Food Movement ( The reserve is run by Pedro Grojales who is a guru when it comes to environmental issues, both locally in Salento and worldwide. He lives entirely self-sufficiently at Sacha Mama with his family, and has been working to restore and replenish the jungle there since 2000. The reserve is two hours walk from La Serrana (downhill on the way, uphill coming back) and so you must be willing to commit the entire day to the visit. You will, however, be richly rewarded, as the walk is beautiful and the reserve is fascinating. Pedro is a very interesting and gentle character who has a lot to teach us about farming and the global environment. He has a huge variety of birds, plants and butterflies in his garden, and his house (built entirely by hand) is a little oasis of peace and tranquility.

The tour costs 50.00 USD and includes lunch from Pedro’s own garden – it’s delicious! The tour will last around four hours, and the groups are always small, meaning that it is a very intimate and friendly experience. A decent grasp of Spanish is essential, as Pedro will talk to you about many things and answer any questions you have.


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